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How to prepare your child for kindergarten

prepare your child for kindergarten

One of the important milestones of childhood is the first day of kindergarten. As a parent, you want your child to be prepared, and you may be wondering what will be expected of your child. Most importantly, what can you do to help make sure you know how to prepare your child for kindergarten? Preparing for kindergarten begins long before the first day. You may be thinking of teaching your child letters and numbers and how to write his name.

These things are important, but there are other skills that will come in handy and help prepare your child for a positive experience in school. It’s important to remember that the more your child enjoys going to school, the greater likelihood that he or she will be successful in school. For live tips from an expert prior to your little one’s first day, you can locate an expert in early childhood development at Webponder.com, and schedule a live, face to face video consultation to assess your child’s readiness for kindergarten. This will not only be a fun experience for the both of you, but you’ll feel more confident at the conclusion of the consultation about how to prepare your child for kindergarten.

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In the meantime, to get yourself started here are some questions you can ask. How does your child get along with other children? Can she express herself clearly? Has she learned to take turns? Is she willing to share? Does she know how to stand up for herself without becoming physically aggressive? School is a social experience, as well as academic, and children who get off to a good start socially are much more likely to enjoy going to school.

At home, your child is probably used to having his needs met fairly quickly. But in a classroom full of children -- with one teacher -- that is not possible. He will need to learn to listen to the teacher and follow simple instructions. Teach your child to wait his turn, and don’t be so quick to grant their every desire, this isn’t going to happen in kindergarten, and this can help him avoid this shock. These are skills that you can easily work on at home.

It’s important that your child has a sense of independence, for example, can she take care of her bathroom needs by herself? Can she use a tissue and blow her nose? She will feel more and more confident if she can do things like put a jacket on herself, and take it off and hang it up. Does she have shoes she can remove and put back on? A child who is well prepared for kindergarten will be much more confident. If your child knows what is expected of him he will get along better with the teacher and the other students, and it will be easier to focus on learning. A positive attitude towards school can begin in kindergarten and hopefully continue throughout his education.

Schedule a consultation with an expert in early childhood, or even a current or former kindergarten teacher, at Webponder.com, and make sure your child is on the right track to a successful school experience. The consultations take place via live video chat, and can be remarkably affordable depending on the expert that you choose. Simply browse the experts in our education category, choose the one you are most comfortable with, and request a consultation. Once the consultation is “Approved,” simply logon at the scheduled time and ask any all questions you need. There is no substitute for getting good professional advice, so schedule your consultation today!

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