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Car Tune Up Cost

How much does a car tune up cost is like asking how much it costs for a doctor’s visit. There is no black and white answer because there are as many kinds of car tune ups today as there are kinds of cars on the road. The cost of a tune up will vary according to what kind of car you own and what kind of tune up you need. Your basic tune ups can be as low as $50.00, while tune-ups for luxury autos or high performance vehicles can escalate to $1,000.00. Where do you begin?

First establish what kind of tune up your car needs? Generally, a car tune up includes checking and possible replacement of parts like the spark plugs, air filters, pipes and belts. It may also include simple maintenance tasks such as tire pressure check, tire rotation, an oil change, and other fluid checks. Keep in mind most new cars need higher performance synthetic oil, and these purer grade oils can be very costly. One of the most expensive tasks is having your transmission fluid flushed, so you’ll need to know if that is included in the tune-up.

However, it’s important to remember that car maintenance is more cost effective than car repair. Without upkeep on your transmission fluid or oil, it’s possible to ruin your engine block and need a whole new car. Then that tune-up won’t have looked so expensive. Other factors to include in the cost of a car tune up vary widely on location and your choice of mechanic. Sometimes the dealer who sells you your car may include a tune up every certain amount of miles. However, tune ups through dealerships are generally much more expensive than tune-ups through a body shop.

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Let’s break down the various specific types of tune ups. You may have your own individual needs according to your desires and what kind of car you maintain. Mentioned previously is your basic tune up. Remember that not only are parts included in the price of tune ups, but also labor hours. Each mechanic’s prices vary from $40 to $150 per hour depending on where you choose to tune up your car. A major tune up includes: replacing spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, oxygen sensor, fuel filters, and air filters. A mechanic may also inspect the fuel system, emission system, and complete ignition system. Even more is needed such as adjusting the dwell, timing, and fuel mixture to OE specifications. This is getting complicated.

The most costly, but complete and beneficial tune up is the performance tune up. Instead of starting with presumptions about your vehicle, your mechanic will ask you specific questions concerning how your car drives, what it’s doing differently than what it was since your last tune up, and most importantly, what is the main symptom of your car’s performance that led to you bringing it in for service. On Webponder.com, you can find an expert in autos to help you narrow down what type of tune-up you need, and how much does a car tune up cost. That way, you will walk into your local garage a little more confident than just simply handing over your keys and saying “I’ll come back for the bill.” Webponder is an easy and immediate way to set up a consult with a mechanic, performance expert, or car technician to determine the best needs and most cost efficient methods needed to find out your car tune up costs.

It’s extremely easy to set up a live and face to face video chat appointment with an auto expert on Webponder.com. Simply browse the directory in the “Auto” category, view profiles of auto experts, and request a video consultation from the expert of your choice. Then, if your request is accepted, attend the meeting and ask all the questions and follow-up questions you need regarding your vehicle. Don’t wait, get the information and expertise to give you the confidence you need the next time you enter the mechanics shop.

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