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How to set up a computer

How to set up a computer

Computers are no longer the complex machines which they used to be. From grandparents to their grandchildren, everybody can use a computer these days. Simplicity is the key with technology with nearly all emerging computer hardware and software being simplified for general usage. If you’ve been thinking about getting a new computer and wondering how to set up a computer, you will be glad to know that it would take just minutes depending on whether you have a desktop or a laptop.

For a desktop, you will need to connect the tower to the monitor, and the keyboard and mouse to the tower as well, which is quite easy. These are all usually color-coded, and it’s actually pretty difficult to plug the wrong cord into the wrong outlet. Also, you’ll need to connect the power cables for the tower and the monitor as well, and plug them into the wall. In the case of an all in one desktop or laptop, they are ready to use right out of the box. With a laptop, do ensure you connect it to the power adapter and turn it on. Allow the laptop battery to fully charge and then completely discharge once, because a complete charging cycle is recommended for new laptops.

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Once you power your computer on the first time you will be asked to enter your username and choose a computer name. The computer will also ask for your network setting which will include your username and password once it detects a wireless connection. If you own a DSL wired connection you would need to connect the computer to the modem/router with a network cable. Your computer will now apply the required settings and be ready for use.

While you are using your computer for the first time it will download updates in the background. I know it’s hard, but it’s best not to interfere or stop your computer from updating. It may require a restart which is annoying when you have a new computer, however it will ensure that your computer is secure. If your computer has an antivirus preinstalled allow it to update. You can also purchase or download a free version of an antivirus for your computer. Do not use your computer to connect to the internet unless you have an antivirus up and running. You can now connect your peripherals such as printers, webcam, and sound system. The operating system will find the required drivers for your peripherals and install them.

You can begin downloading and installing any other programs which you require on your computer. You now know how to setup a computer and it is ready for use. However, if you are not technologically savvy, there are always individuals out there who can help you with how to set up a computer. These people could probably set up your computer with their eyes closed.

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