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Online Therapy

mental health counselor

Are you looking to receive online therapy or online counseling with a mental health counselor? Why not speak with an online therapist about your concerns and see what they can do for you from the comfort of your home? It’s quick, it’s convenient, and it’s a great way to receive online therapy.

With the advances in video streaming technology, many mental health counselors specialize in offering online counseling as a convenient and discrete way to receive a variety of different forms of mental health help. Not only that, an online therapist that you find on Webponder.com has experience performing online counseling and can tell you what the positives and negatives are of having your mental health counseling performed via video consultation, rather than in person.

Join Webponder now and review profiles and compare a number of different mental health counselors who offer online therapy sessions, then choose the best one for you, and begin immediately!

Webponder is a community website connecting professionals and experts from a variety of fields with individuals looking for professional advice through video consultations. Become a member and you will be able to request a meeting with an online therapist without having to get ready, drive to an office, and sit in a waiting room until you are called. Meetings are held face to face and in real time through a video consultation, so you can ask any and all questions you have for your mental health counselor as if you were sitting in front of them.

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Why ask a professional from Webponder for advice online?

- It’s simple
- It’s affordable
- It’s discrete
- It’s convenient, and
- It’s Real Advice in Real Time

Webponder is extremely easy to use.  Simply browse our directory of mental health experts, select one you’d like to speak with, and request an online meeting.  Then, once the counselor approves your request, simply enter the 10-digit authorization code when it comes time for the meeting, and there you are, right in front of the mental health professional as if you were sitting in their office.

Have questions? Browse for a specialists in mental health counseling who practices in your area of need.

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